Salmon Chow - Hong Kong

Salmon Chow

To me, the most unforgettable event in 2017 was participated the TCP (Trainer Certification Program) Facilitator training.

First, I was impressed by the TCP which I attended in Poland in 2016.

At the moment, I felt that POY (Points of You®) is really amazing and those tools can easily open our heart.

In addition, I was touched by the story of developing POY tools.

When I was on the way back to my home country in the plane, I just thought could I be one of the TCP Facilitators in one day to inspire people as well?

“If you really want to do something, you will find a way”.

This quote is always in my mind after finished the TCP in Poland Oct 2016.

Because of my will and determination, I’ve finished the TCP facilitator training in July 2017.

I learned a lot from the TCPF (Trainer Certification Program Facilitator), especially when I was assigned to conduct

the “zooming in” during the 5 days training.

I received lots of feedbacks from other TCP facilitators and those feedbacks enriched me on how to conduct the TCP smoothly for the future.

In addition, I was also inspired by other TCP facilitators when they demonstrated conducting other parts of TCP.

To me, the journey is an amazing, meaningful & fruitful.

Place I want to reach in 2018

I would like to complete the TCPF requirement and enrich my knowledge & skills to lead the TCP in future.

How I can reach my goal?

First, I have reserved my time to be the helper in TCP Thailand, Poland & Japan.

In order to get more practical experience to share POY tools, I had finished 2 classes of POY Train the Trainer

in Hong Kong and over 10 classes of “zooming in” workshop in 2017

Second, I do my best to read some books that can support me leading TCP workshops. For example, “Search inside yourself”,

“Facilitator tool box” & “Coaching”….etc

Last but not the least, I will keep asking & sharing my ideas with other facilitators to keep myself “hungry”.

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